Your Excellency,

We, the Concerned Indigenes of Rivers State in the Diaspora, write to you today with great respect and a profound sense of responsibility because the matter we wish to discuss concerns all Rivers State indigenes across the world.

Your journey in the political landscape has been nothing short of remarkable. From your time as a local government chairman, chief of staff to the state governor, minister of state, and eventually as the substantive Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, your rise has been awe-inspiring. We firmly believe that your journey has been guided by the grace of God.

Your tenure as Governor brought unprecedented development to our dear state, and for this, we appreciate and celebrate you. Your aspirations, including your run for the presidency through the PDP, garnered significant support from Rivers State diaspora, as we believed in your leadership.

Though the presidency was not in the cards at that time, we remain confident that your political future is bright. In light of this, we wish to offer some advice and cautions for your current role as the FCT Minister. Your intentions are noble, but the complex nature of the terrain requires careful consideration and the right approach.

Our intention is not to discourage you from carrying out your duties but to emphasize that this role might lead to gathering more adversaries than allies. We hope you will not be overwhelmed by the challenges you may face. We pray for God’s guidance in your endeavors, acknowledging that you have always been blessed with His grace.

Nonetheless, we implore you not to employ the grace you have received from God in a way that might disgrace others. The word “grace” carries immense significance, and it is essential to exercise it judiciously and with humility.

Back at home, we are aware of your pivotal role in the election of Sir Siminalayi Fubara as the governor, and we commend your commitment to continuity and progress, akin to Asiwaju Bola Amed Tinubu’s approach in Lagos. It is vital that you maintain a positive relationship with the current Governor, your anointed successor, who is loyal and reliable.

We have sent emissaries to gather information, and we are aware that certain individuals with ill intentions may be concocting stories to create discord. We earnestly request that you do not allow such divisive elements to undermine the harmony between you and the Governor.

In the event of any differences or conflicts of interest, please consider open dialogue and involve respected elders like Sir Peter Odili and His Highness Sergent Awuse, who can mediate and help find common ground. Remember that you hold a significant stake in the state’s political landscape due to your future political aspirations.

In closing, we offer our counsel with the utmost sincerity and look forward to further communication as we monitor developments in our beloved state. Your dedication to progress and unity is commendable, and we remain Yours in Progress.

Johnson Eke Wise (Spain)
Margaret Ijeoma Otti ( Chicago , USA)
Gregory Otabil (Texas, USA)
Sylvester Dokubo ( Manchester, UK)
Patient Jibnoh (Spain)
Kaine Briggs ( Maryland, USA)

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