Heartless: Varsity student flings out newborn baby from hostel fourth floor

By Nudoiba Ojen

A female university student gave birth to a baby in the school hostel and subsequently killed the baby by throwing the newborn from the top floor of a three-storey hostel building.

The incident which happened at the Federal University, Dutse in Jigawa State saw sympathetic students of the institution gather around the lifeless body of the baby on the ground as they struggled to comprehend the tragic event.

According to a video which went viral on Monday, the student-mother, reportedly gave birth in the female hostel bathroom.

Sources said she was unmarried, raising questions about the circumstances of her pregnancy and the subsequent birth.

Spokesperson for Federal University Dutse, Abdullahi Yahaya Bello, confirmed the incident and stated that the university authorities have informed the police.

Bello said that the student did not conceive while at the university, noting that the academic session had only resumed two months before now.

He said, “The university administration is conducting a thorough investigation and taking necessary measures to address the situation”.

Sources added that following the incident, the student was immediately taken to the hospital for medical evaluation.

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