‘How I caught my fiancee cheating on me with her cousin’

A man has revealed how he got very extreme revenge after he discovered his fiancee had been cheating on him with her cousin. Explaining the story in detail, he admitted he almost got into lots of trouble over it

The man revealed how he thought up a very dangerous plan to catch his cheating fiancee and her cousin out and make sure everyone in their families knew.

Sharing the story on social media, the man, who is now happily married with three children, explained that his revenge could be seen as very controversial.

Giving some background, he was firstly keen to point out it was her cousin by marriage, before describing how after three years together, her behaviour became more and more controlling, with his ex demanding she knew his schedule at all times.

Being good friends with her brother, he gained access to her work schedule, telling him that he wanted to find some free time to surprise her as an early anniversary gift. To his surprise, he found out she was only working half days on Wednesdays, so he chose to take a Wednesday off work for the ‘surprise.’

He said: “I put on my work gear and ‘leave’ for work. I was expecting her to leave as our apartment complex had two exits on the same road. I could see directly across from a shopping centre, so I parked my car near the back and waited.”

“After about an hour, I notice a very specific red Mustang with a specific decal on the back window. It was her cousin by marriage,” he continued.

“I had also done my due diligence to take an old laptop, which we kept on our desk in an office area, with a full view of the living room, bedroom door, and bathroom plus the kitchen. I had set it up for remote access and had it alert me when the webcam noticed movement.”

The man, who goes by the name of Bigjerr2007 on Reddit, continued by saying that he was trying to give her cousin the benefit of the doubt, hoping he might be dropping something off or coming over to assist her with something before an alert from his laptop came through.

“I remote into my laptop,” he says. “He walks through the door without skipping a beat, she unbuttons his shirt and begins kissing him. I created a URL link for the live stream. And as she was preoccupied, we had a family group text and a friend group text. They were both part of it, but were currently indisposed and didn’t look at their phones. They didn’t even wait; they could have gone to the bedroom, but no, they decided to get freaky deeky right there on the couch.”

The man described how he then sent the live link to the friend group chat and the family group chat, receiving non-stop calls from friends and family within minutes.

He went on: “There was no turning back. She was getting blown up, but she was ignoring her phone. Not until the 4th or 5th call came through did they decide to take a break.”

Anxious to prove he didn’t break any laws, he revealed how the state he lives in allows the recording of personal property regardless of occupancy; he was the only one on the lease because of his fiancee’s poor credit.

He continued: “The call she had picked up was from her cousin’s mother, who angrily divulged there was a live feed of them sent out by me to her family. She grabbed every pillow from the couch and covered herself up. The cousin staggered off, trying to put on his pants and shoes, just to trip himself up and bang his head on my coffee table.”

The man explained that he went back to his apartment where he was greeted by her cousin at the door, who was crying and apologising profusely.

However, he also admitted that what happened next wasn’t something he was proud of. He went on: “I nearly got into legal trouble, if it weren’t for the fact that he was trespassing on private property. Let’s just say I had a cast for 6 weeks, and he wasn’t in any family photos for months.”

He then gave his fiancee an hour to remove all of her belongings from his apartment. “Rumour spread around our town very quickly, and for a lack of better words, she was untouchable,” he recalled.


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