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A strange phenomenon has crept into our social media space, especially the Facebook and Instagram platforms. It is the deliberate and most often reckless flaunting of boobs by many busty pretty and ugly ladies or should we call them “babes “ on the social media. Oh! You wonder why l have noticed it and even been watching some of the video clips, particularly on TikTok via my Facebook platform! Let us be sincere, which man in his healthy and normal nature would not pause to see what is being flaunted in such rather ridiculous manner by these “daughters of discord” (apologies to our iconic Wole Soyinka in his *Trials of Brother Jero. Indeed, every man, especially and particularly, young men like me would naturally want to see and watch the videos and would affirm doing so if he is not the unpretentious type like me also.

Honestly, come to think of it, we men watch these, is it romantic or sexy, video clips and most times we enjoy watching them. Some of us even go to as far as liking or loving with the clips with appropriate symbols. Some more adventurous men even search for the contacts of the ladies who are “advertising” her “market” (pardon my pedestrian use of words please).
Personally, when l get bored with other serious things about life and just wish to have fun via the social media, l take my time to watch them and l know you would ask why why l do? Well, I do have a number of reasons which l am not sure are actually the reasons except of course as a normal human being, l just feel l should watch them.

As for what l get from watching them? Well that too is complicated. I am by nature a very curious person and very inquisitive too. In fact, as a researcher and journalist, l am already thinking of conducting a research into this development with the aim of riding* how what effect, influence and for what reasons etc this phenomenon is happening and becoming the most common thing for these ladies to do? I am thinking such research would be really impactful and turn out to be a rich one!

As we all know, in our clime, it is morally sickening to have young ladies flaunt their boobs on the social media platforms. Such ladies are generally condemned to being morally bankrupt and for the religious, these ladies are instruments in the hand of the Devil to fall as many men as possible! But l tell you, many a man would watch these videos and it won’t move them into any immoral act. At worst, they just watch it for the fun of it! I am definitely in such category of men. I tell you, some of us even watch the clips with our wives beside us as mocking partners!

Do you know also that as strange as this flaunting of “heavy duty” boobs is, it perhaps is helping some men in areas of improving on their health condition. I have read severally, doctors urging men to stare at sexy boobs, anyway all boobs are deemed to be sexy, except if they are too small. Yes, doctors have advised men, especially middle aged and adult age men to stare at the breasts of their wives or girlfriends or woman friends as the case may be, for some minutes! Reason: It reduces heart related ailments like high blood pressure! Imagine that! Staring at particularly large, sexy and romantic and probably oily boobs for minutes helping to get rid of high BP! God indeed is wonderful!

Now, coming to the moral aspect of it, I am not the pretentious or so religious type who would call for outright banishment of these boobs flaunting ladies on our social media space. As a matter of fact, l am more of a free-thinker, although God-fearing to a reasonable level.
While it is indeed factual that the strange phenomenon is capable of detailing our youths and cause some young men to lose focus or become immoral, l equally think it a necessary part of us, perhaps for its seemingly healthy purposes. Anyway, it has come to stay whether we like it or not. Many more ladies are flaunting their boobs, many will join in the passion-driven ritual and many are doing it right now as l am penning this equally strange piece!

Indeed, there are several reasons we may suggest to be behind this daring attitude by the ladies, most obvious of such being for prostitution! Yes, you wonder why a lady who knows she is heavily endowed and is equally fully aware that most men like big boobs, would flaunt it on social media for as many men as possible to see!

If you asked some of those ladies who are guilty of this social media romantic advertorials, they would tell you even the ridiculous such as – “I was just catching fun!” Others may say. – “God gave me such wonderful gift and you want me to hide it? I’m using it to showcase the goodness of God in life! Such is how interesting their responses could be. Anyway, these are just my hypotheses. l’ ve resolved to conduct an urgent research into this strange phenomenon and may share its findings with you soon!

* Wole Balogun is a writer, journalist and lecturer.

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