New minimum wage: Labour deadline for collated cost of living

By Nudoiba Ojen

The organized labour is working round the clock to ensure that the new minimum wage will put into consideration the cost of living and other socioeconomic parameters across the country.

As such, labour has directed its state councils nationwide to collate the cost of living data in towns and local government areas in states and submit to the national body not later than January 31.

A new minimum wage for Nigerian workers which will be decided through consultations between the Federal Government, labour and private sector, is expected to come into effect on April 1, 2024.

The Nigeria Labour Congress General Secretary, Emmanuel Ugboaja, in a circular to state councils dated January 17, 2024, titled “National minimum wage negotiation- Data collection: Urgent action required”, stated, “As we gear up for the forthcoming negotiations on a new national minimum wage, it is crucial that we gather accurate and comprehensive data on the average cost of living across our nation. State councils of the NLC have been identified as key players in this essential task.

“The success of our efforts in negotiating a fair and equitable national minimum wage depends significantly on the thoroughness and accuracy of the data we collect. Therefore, I am writing to urge your immediate attention and action in conducting the necessary research and collating vital information.

“To facilitate this process, please find attached two forms. The first form is designed for distribution around the towns and local government areas in your state. It is imperative that these forms are disseminated widely to ensure representation and inclusive data collection process.

“The second form is to be used for summarizing the analysis of collated data. This summarized information will be sent to the national headquarters where it will greatly assist the Congress’ National Minimum Wage Negotiating Council in its deliberations.

“In line with the urgency of this matter, we encourage you to leverage online platforms for efficient and streamlined data collection. This approach will not only expedite the process, but also ensure the accuracy of the information gathered.

“We kindly request that your state councils commence this crucial task promptly and submit your findings to the national headquarters before the last day of this month, January 2024.

“Your dedication to this undertaking is invaluable, and we are confident that with your collaboration, we will contribute significantly to the success of the upcoming negotiations,” the circular stated.

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