Protecting citizens from fake drugs requires collaboration – Community pharmacists

* ACPN hails Ondo task force for arresting drug counterfeiter

By John Odunjo

The Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) has said that curbing the menace of fake and counterfeit drug requires collaborative effort of all stakeholders.

ACPN Chairman in Ondo State, Pharmacist Babalola O. Taiwo, popularly known as BOT, who said all hand should be in the deck in the battle against drug counterfeiting, lauded the state government’s task force on fake and counterfeit drugs for arresting a counterfeiter in the state.

The state government had in the week disclosed that the task force, following a tip off, arrested the fake drugs manufacturer who was operating in 13 states.

Taiwo said in a statement that ACPN members “are solidly behind government and are resolute in the commitment to support efforts in exposing and bringing such unscrupulous individuals to justice”.

He stated, “The ACPN of Ondo State firmly believes that the health and well-being of our people should never be compromised for the sake of monetary gain.

“The actions of these charlatan drug makers are not only unethical, but also pose serious risks to the lives of our fellow citizens. We are resolute in our commitment to support your efforts in exposing and bringing these individuals to justice”.

  * BOT Taiwo

The ACPN chairman, who expressed readiness of the body to work alongside the Task Force to expose many of such charlatans, said, “The battle against counterfeit drugs requires a collaborative approach. Together, we can ensure the availability of safe and genuine medications to our communities, protecting them from the harmful effects of counterfeit drugs.

“We hereby commend and appreciate the efforts of the, Ondo State Taskforce on Fake and Counterfeit Drugs, on the recent successful arrest of a notorious counterfeiter in Ondo State”.

“We are proud to be associated with your outstanding efforts in combating the menace of fake and counterfeit drugs in our state. Your commitment to eradicating these unscrupulous elements from our towns and villages is a commendable effort and a confirmation of your dedication to public health”.

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