Students’ Loan: NELFUND addresses students’ concerns

John Odunayo

The Students Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) has said it is aware that some students are facing challenges trying to apply on the Student Loan Application portal.

NELFUND stated, “We have addressed some of the issues collectively as follows:

1. If your school is not on the list of Institutions;

ANS:- Contact your ICT department to reach out to NELFUND.

2. If your JAMB number is not verifying;

ANS:- Contact your school to ensure your admission is supported by JAMB.

3. If you are a student from any state owned institution who is trying to apply;

ANS:- Hold on for now, rollout phase starts with only federal institutions.

4. If you can’t see any institution in the dropdown list;

ANS:- Please check your internet connection and refresh your browser.

5. If you are not able to verify your account via email;

ANS:- Ensure that you are entering the correct email address.

6. If your matriculation number cannot be verified on the portal;

ANS:- Contact the ICT department in your school to upload your records to the Students Verification System (SVS).

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