‘Ekiti people trusting their wellbeing in Oyebanji’s hands’

The All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State has given thumps up to the administration of Governor Biodun Oyebanji for ensuring the people’s expectations in terms of dividends of democracy are being met.

APC State Publicity Secretary, Segun Dipe, said that unlike during the Peoples Democratic Party days, Ekiti people “are now feeling relaxed with Oyebanji and trusting their well-being in the governor’s hands”.

Dipe spoke in a statement titled, ‘Gov Oyebanji is walking his talk in Ekiti – APC’, in reaction to allegations levied against the governor by a group in the opposition PDP.

The Ekiti PDP Progressives, which last week alleged that Ekiti had missed good governance under Oyebanji, accused the governor of merely paying salaries and patching roads as palliatives.

But Dipe said, “What Governor Oyebanji deserved at this stage from all and sundry is praise, not undue criticism in the name of playing politics, having ensured that the expectations of the people in terms of the dividends of democracy are being met”.

Dipe, who carpeted PDP over allegations of patching roads and paying salaries, said, “They must have deliberately forgotten what governance is about. They are deliberately taking their eyes away from the attention Oyebanji is paying to the real sectors such as agriculture, health, education and so on.

“We are redirecting their focus to the Knowledge Zone, the various urban renewal projects, the teachers’ welfare, the local government staff and other workers’ welfare, people getting a new lease of life as well as the various consultations being made by the governor. If these are not effects of good governance, then what are they?

“We are challenging the group of dissidents within the opposition party to mention the sector that is being neglected by the governor or the action wrongly taken by the governor to warrant their bellyaching. That to us will be taken as genuine criticism,” the APC spokesperson said.

APC said, “The unrecognised PDP group is only making their party look anti-people the more and being seen as approbating and reprobating at the same time.

“Some high-profiled members of the same PDP are giving kudos to Governor Oyebanji for taking the right steps in the right direction. They keep saying he is the best governor for Ekiti at this point and he is living up to the billing. Finding non-existing fault by this other group runs counter to what their leaders are seeing and is thus condemnable,” the APC stated.

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