How firstborns can realise their good future – Prophet Olu Alo

* Seeks prayers for Tinubu, govt

Renowned evangelist, Prophet Sam Olu Alo, has assured that firstborns have bright future ahead of them, but should commit themselves to prayers for realisation.

Prophet Olu Alo, who is the planter of the Christ Apostolic Church, (Adamimogo Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain Worldwide) also counselled Nigerian youths to harness their potentials to better their lives and the country.

The cleric spoke at GMPM, Ado Ekiti during the annual 3-in-1 programme of the ministry tagged, “Seven Hours, Seven Prophets, Ogo Akobi (Glory of First Born) and Morning of Mercy”.

The annual programme was also billed for GMPM Akure, Ibadan, Abeokuta and Lagos.

Olu Alo said, “The programme has been on for over 10 years. It is a mystery to wake up sleeping firstborns because, from the Bible time, majority of our firstborns go through challenges in life, they could not be what God wants them to be and they are the ones God refers to as first fruits.

“But through these prayers being offered, experiences and orientation they are receiving help to realise the fact that they too have a good future ahead of them. God has been using the programme for the works of signs and wonders since we started,” he said.

The cleric advised Nigerian youths to embrace trades and vocations as means of livelihood and get less involved in political activities.

He lamented that the attitude of Nigerian youths towards self development, advising, “If they can think about finding something positive to do, it will be for their good. Our youths are brave and knowledgeable, the wisdom they have should be utilized to better their lives. Some them should go into private business.

“Our youths should be focussed. They should be prepared and be ready to work, they should find a job of their own to do and they should not just be thinking about only politics everytime.

“In some of the developed countries I have had the opportunity to visit, the youths are into large scale farming. The government will buy all the crops from them after harvest. If the crops get spoilt and it was confirmed they grew the crops, government will also compensate them.

“I witnessed such in Turkey. They trained their youths in different trades and help them to sell their products. That is why we are advising Nigerian government to develop our tourism potentials, so that when the tourists come here, they can buy the youths’ products and government will be buying it from them to encourage them”.

Olu Alo, who canvassed prayers for President Bola Tinubu and the government, said, “My prayer and admonition for him is for God to guide him to do more, because his case is like he is the last hope for us in this country. For him to do well is what that will be good for us and the church of God.

“The most important thing is for Christians and Muslims in this country to continue to pray for President Bola Tinubu and we should stop curses and negative talks on our country.

“Some of our people are still saying, will this country be good again? It can still be good with the steps being taken by the president.

“People in diaspora are even happy about actions and steps he has taken so far. But most people don’t cherish what they have, we should keep praying for him not to take wrong steps and for him to be able to appoint right people into positions,” Prophet Olu Alo said.

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