I was angry mum’s name didn’t activate my ritual soap – Yahoo Boy

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By Nudoiba Ojen

A 20-year-old internet fraudster, identified as Daniel, has stabbed his parents over the failure of his mother’s name to activate his black ritual soap that was supposed to bring him riches.

Daniel says he is angry that his mother did not tell him her real name and as such he attacked and stabbed her.

The incident occurred in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, where Daniel, who was armed with knife was subdued and disarmed by bystanders following the alarm raised by his mother when she managed to escape.

Daniel, who said his parents were aware of his involvement in cybercrime, from which he claimed to have built a three-bedroom bungalow, accused his mother and elder brother of cheating him out of N2.5 million.

He said that he was frustrated over his mother providing a false name, which rendered ineffective, his ritual soap, which he said was given to him by a white garment church priest.

The soap, he added, was intended to bring good fortune, but required his mother’s real name for activation.

Daniel said, “I purposely lured my mother from a church programme she was attending, and as soon as we arrived home, I attacked her with a knife and was already inflicting cuts on her body when my father tried to save her from me.

“I attacked my father too because if I had not stabbed both of them, they would have succeeded in killing me.”

Daniel, who described self as a 200Level university student, said, “I have built a three-bedroom bungalow from the money I made from doing yahoo business. I am angry with my parents, particularly my mother, for giving me a fake name instead of her real name.

“There is a particular black magic soap that I have been using lately. The soap was given to me by the priest of a white garment church.

“The soap was meant to bring me good fortune, but there was the need for me to call my mother’s name into it before it could work.

“My mother told me that her name is Titilayo. But when I called the name into the soap, it did not work. Hence, I got angry and decided to stab her.”

The mother, however, denied receiving any money from Daniel, saying the son had mental health issues, saying, “After taking native medicine given by his father, Daniel’s condition seemed to worsen, leading to the assault. When we got home, his father brought a native medicine home and gave him to use. He slept off after taking the medicine.

“However, when he woke up, he demanded for his phone and I told him I did not take his phone. He landed several blows on me.

However, Daniel’s father blamed his wife for indulging their son’s fraudulent activities and not informing him about the house construction funded by cybercrime.

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