Make Ikogosi Warm Spring World Heritage Site – Renowned Analyst

* Recognition will elevate spring’s profile, invigorate local economy, foster sustainable tourism

By John Odunjo

A renowned public analyst and social media influencer, Alhaji Dauda Lawal, popularly known as ADL, has made an impassioned plea for the designation of Ikogosi Warm Spring as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.

ADL said that the the spring, nestled in the heart of Ekiti State, Nigeria, has garnered worldwide attention due to its unique confluence of warm and cold springs, making it the sole destination of its kind on the planet.

In a release titled, ‘Ikogosi Warm Spring, Envisioning a World-Class Destination’, ADL said his advocacy stemmed from Ikogosi’s unparalleled qualities as a global tourism gem, adding, “A UNESCO World Heritage Site as “a site of profound cultural, historical, scientific, or other exceptional significance, protected under international conventions.

“Ikogosi Warm Springs’s allure is not solely derived from its rare juxtaposition of warm and cold springs. Locals have long revered the spring for its unparalleled therapeutic properties, believed to alleviate ailments like rheumatism and guinea worm. The undulating terrain surrounding the spring adds to its aesthetic charm, making it a visual masterpiece”.

ADL said further that the discovery of Ikogosi Warm Spring was shrouded in folklore, with local legend recounting the fateful day when a hunter named Ọ̀gánúngáún stumbled upon the spring.

“Exhausted and parched, Ọ̀gánúngáún was drawn to a peculiar water fountain, where he sensed an unusual warmth. His heart pounding with fear and excitement, he hastened to the Oba’s palace to unveil this astonishing discovery, forever etching Ikogosi into the annals of history.”

ADL pleaded with Ekiti State Governor, Biodun Oyebanji, urging him “to use his esteemed position and office to officially petition UNESCO”, highlighting the invaluable significance of Ikogosi Warm Spring on the global stage.

He said, “Should Ikogosi Warm Spring achieve the esteemed status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it would undoubtedly be catapulted onto the global stage as a premier tourist destination. This recognition would not only elevate the spring’s profile, but also invigorate the local economy, fostering sustainable tourism”.

“Tourists from every corner of the world would flock to witness this unique natural wonder, infusing the region with cultural diversity and economic prosperity. The designation would also signify a commitment to the preservation and conservation of Ikogosi Warm Spring, ensuring its beauty remains intact for generations to come,” ADL said.

The analyst said, “As the world turns its gaze towards this geological marvel, the people of Ikogosi dream of a future where their natural wonder gains the recognition it so richly deserves.”

With ADL’s clarion call, the journey towards UNESCO World Heritage status for Ikogosi Warm Spring has embarked on an exciting and hopeful trajectory, promising a brighter future for this exceptional Nigerian treasure.

ADL’s passionate advocacy has ignited a spark of hope in the hearts of the people of Ikogosi and Ekiti State at large. As they look forward to a future where their beloved spring is celebrated as a World Heritage Site, they eagerly await the response of Governor Oyebanji and the potential transformation of their cherished Ikogosi Warm Spring into a world-class destination, both preserving its legacy and securing its future.

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