Ministerial: Lawmakers’ appointment avenue to waste funds on by-elections – CD

* There is need for belt-tightening from top – Odili

The Campaign for Democracy has faulted the president, Bola Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress government for including the names of some National Assembly members in the list of ministerial-nominees forwarded to the Senate.

CD National President, Ifeanyi Odili, said that the resources that would be required to fund by-elections to fill the vacancies that their appointments would create were unnecessary and drain pipes in the coffers of the country, which is in dire economic situation.

Odili in a statement on Sunday, stated, “CD has described as insensitive to the economic situation of Nigeria the recent appointments of some Natiinal Assembly members as ministers (nominees) and Chief of Staff to the president as made by President Bola Tinubu.

CD stated, “President Tinubu has informed Nigerians that the nation is very poor, reason for the withdrawal of oil subsidy. It is, therefore, unreasonable, unimaginable and indescribable that the same government will, at the same time, come out with fresh budget for the elections of the NASS members whose positions were swapped for ministerial and staff appointments.

“We ask: Are there no other intelligent persons and capable hands in those states that the President has to commute the already elected lawmakers for ministeral positions not minding the extra budget that will be involved in organizing fresh election in those federal constituencies to replace them?

“If the government would want the cooperation of Nigerians in making sacrifices, the pilots of our nation’s affairs must be seen to lead in the making of sacrifices as well.

“The government cannot tell Nigerians to prepare for hard time, make sacrifices, when people in the same government are brutally displaying their ill-gotten wealth to the masses and the executive arm of the government is reckless with our limited resources.

“Government should do the right thing for the people at the right time, then our nation will be haven of peace. There is need for belt-tightening from the top, especially, at the legislative houses. The masses alone must not be made to carry the burden while their leaders wine and dine in the confines of their palatial estates.”

The CD cautioned Nigerian leaders against “oppression of the masses, the deteriorating security situation, bad social and economic management system, endemic corruption, constitution manipulation, mass poverty, hunger issue and every other social vices visible and dominating the governance system”.

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