Senate approval of BOILING POINT member, Salako, as Minister excites colleagues, admirers

By John Odunjo

BOILING POINT, a monthly online discourse platform on governance and national development, has been full of encouragement and commendations for one its members, Dr Iziaq Salako, since the President, nominated him for ministerial position.

BOILING POINT members had expressed confidence that Salako a highly cerebral medical practitioner, would scale the Senate screening hurdle and as well deliver based on his achievements in office as  Commissioner for Health and later Commissioner for Housing in Ogun State and as a former chairman, Ogun State Hospitals Board.

An appreciative minister designate, Dr Salako, in a message to the platform said, “My dear BOILING POINT comrades, thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement since the announcement of my nomination and subsequent confirmation as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As you celebrated me, may you all be celebrated.

“I appreciate my dear brother and friend, Ayo Arowojoju, the originator of this wonderful platform. BOILING POINT is, no doubt, going places and on its way to becoming the melting point of ideas for the progress of our country.

“Thank you all. Nigeria first…always,” the minister-designate said.

Celebrating Salako, on his confirmation as minister, Arowojolu said, “You’ve just heard the news! Dr Kunle Salako, our esteemed member of BOILING POINT is officially now a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ceteris paribus.

“Dr Salako who hails from Yewa land in Ogun State, is a two-time commissioner during the Era of former Governor Gbenga Daniel”.

“He is former l commissioner for Health and later Commissioner for Housing.

“Highly cerebral, Dr Salako is the immediate past Chairman, Ogun State Hospitals Board.

“He is a good friend of mine. I recall in the twilight of Daniel Era, he was touted as a contender in the race for governorship in the later.

“Ask him, what has just happened today was long foretold. Let me keep silent on my rare prophetic gift.

“Let’s celebrate this wonderful man, a medical practitioner, Dr IZIAQ SALAKO,” Arowojolu said.

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