Burglars charm residents to sleep, steal car, belongings

By Nudoiba Ojen

Residents of Ugbe Akoko in Ondo State were sleeping on Thursday night when burglars believed to have used charms (juju) struck.

They allegedly stole a car, mannequins and other items from a lecturer of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, during the operation while the victims slept off.

The victims, including the lecturer woke up only to realize burglars had broken in through the window, took multiple keys including the car key for the Grey 2006 Toyota Corolla with registration number, LSD-329FV, parked in his fenced compound.

According to the lecturer, the thieves also carted away two laptops, four ATM cards, mannequins, and human hairs worth millions of naira during the operation, and no occupant in the two buildings was aware of this event.

He said that he suspected that the thieves operated with charms as their activity was not noticed until it was dawn, and they left with his car, gadgets, and his wife’s wares.

The lecturer said, “It happened overnight. I suspect they used a charm on us. We slept off so we did not know or witness the robbery. I do not even know what they look like. I woke up around 6:30 this morning and saw that all was gone.

“They stole human hairs, laptops, wigs, mannequins, and my car. We woke up to discover they broke into my house through the window, searched my house for my car key, and then took my laptop.

“They drove my car away with my wife’s laptop, expensive human hairs and approximately 10 mannequins inside the car. Those human hairs are my wife’s wares, and she displays them with the mannequins. I have reported to the police, and they promised to circulate the information to the necessary quarters”, he said.

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