CNG is safe, will reduce fuel costs by 50% – Expert

By Nudoiba Ojen

The Chief Executive Officer, Operation, Zeta Power Limited, Kyriakos Schizas, has advised business owners and drivers to embrace use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), as it will reduce their daily running costs.

Schizas, said that in addition to being safe and environment-friendly, companies and vehicle-owners would save over 50 per cent of their current cost of generating energy if they convert their fuel powered vehicles and engines to CNG.

According to him, though some may consider N600,000 as too much for the conversion of a car, the car owner would save over N1million in one year by using CNG.

He said that conversion would not stop the engines from running on petrol or diesel, as the engines would switch whenever there is no CNG available.

He also allayed the fear of possible explosion, stressing that the CNG cylinder is thick enough to withstand the pressure of what it contains.

Schizas said, “Gas will not contaminate engine oil and that will give the engine good lubrication. The use of CNG will extend the life of the engine. There will be no carbon because gas is clean.”

He advised that Nigeria must invest more in gas and stop the importation of petrol with dollars, saying, “The country will save N10trillion in a year if all the vehicles in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt run on CNG.”

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