Commissioner settles hospital bill for detained mom, triplets

By Nudoiba Ojen

The Commissioner for Innovation, Science, and Technology, Enugu State, Prince Lawrence Ezeh, has settled the bill for Mrs Joan Orajiobi and her triplets, who were detained by a private hospital in Enugu.

Mrs Orajiobi, who was delivered of a set of triplets at the private hospital in Enugu, on New Year’s Day, was held at the hospital due to the family’s inability to pay the delivery bill.

The commissioner, who paid the bill on Saturday, expressed empathy, saying, “You know that my wife and I have a set of triplets, two boys and a girl who are already in secondary school now. So I was touched by the story when I read it on Friday.”

The Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Shedrack, who confirmed the payment, said that he received a call informing him that the commissioner had cleared the entire bill.

The mother and her newborn babies, two girls and a boy, had been detained since January 8 due to their inability to pay the hospital bills totaling N352,350.

Mrs Orajiobi, a native of Nnewi in Anambra, expressed gratitude to the commissioner for his benevolence and for coming to their rescue.

The hospital bill was N482,350, and her husband could only manage to pay N130,000, leaving a balance of N352,350.

She explained that the bill was high because she gave birth to the triplets through a Caesarean section.

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