Digitalised CMR will enhance security of vehicles – Police

* To get started, visit and register your vehicle today – Adejobi

By Nudoiba Ojen

The Nigeria Police Force has said that the digitalised Central Motor Registry (CMR) is targeted amount others at enhancing safety of vehicles and tracking of vehicular crimes.

Consequently, the police have urged Nigerians to embrace the transformative initiative.

Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi said in a statement on Thursday, “By enrolling your vehicles in the digitalized CMR, you contribute to the collective effort in enhancing security and ensuring a safer environment for all”.

Adejobi said, “The rising sophistication of vehicular crimes demands a modernized and expanded approach. Hence, the Force revitalized the CMR by digitalizing it to conform with the realities of digital age policing.

“With a digitalized CMR in place, citizens can have greater confidence in the security of their vehicles. Accurate and real-time vehicle information will assist in the prevention and swift resolution of vehicular crimes, ensuring that citizens’ assets are safeguarded.

“The Police will be better equipped to enforce laws related to motor vehicles, such as registration and licensing. This will lead to safer roads and improved traffic management, benefiting all road users.

“The comprehensive database of motor vehicles will serve as a deterrent to potential criminals who might use vehicles for illegal activities. The knowledge that law enforcement has access to accurate information can discourage criminal behavior.

“In cases of accidents or disputes involving motor vehicles, the digitalized CMR will expedite investigations, providing quick resolution and reducing inconvenience for citizens.

“The ability of the Force to maintain accurate vehicular information contributes to national security. It ensures that vehicles associated with criminal activities can be tracked and addressed promptly.

“To get started, kindly visit and register your vehicle today. Together, we can make our roads and communities safer for everyone,” the FPRO said.

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