Ekiti partners Lagos on waste management

By Nudoiba Ojen

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Lagos Waste Management Authority, Dr Muyiwa Gbadegesin, says that LAWMA has begun the fabrication of waste bins for Ekiti State.

Gbadegesin said in Lagos that the partnership between LAWMA and Ekiti government was aimed at tackling a myriad of waste management and environmental challenges within and across Ekiti State.

He said in a chat in Lagos, “I am happy to announce the partnership between LAWMA and Ekiti State Government, which will see us fabricate their waste bins at a reasonable cost.

“By fabricating waste bins in-house, we gain greater control over quality, production speed, and ultimately, cost-effectiveness. This allows us to not only ensure a steady supply of bins for Lagos, but also help us to extend our support to other states like Ekiti, which is currently a prime beneficiary of this initiative.

“LAWMA has assisted some states before now and we are willing to do more. The partnership with Ekiti State shows LAWMA’s proactive approach to environmental issues,” he said.

He added that the Ekiti project would serve as a pilot programme, paving the way for similar partnerships with other states.

“We are offering our expertise to provide technical support, training, and even manpower to help other states develop and implement efficient waste management systems,” Gbadegesin said.

Gbadegesin noted that LAWMA’s Engineering Department, known for its ingenuity and resourcefulness, had developed a robust and efficient waste bin fabrication process that utilised locally sourced materials to produce durable bins, for diverse waste management needs”.

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