Niger crisis: CD urges Tinubu to face Nigeria’s internal challenges

* ‘Interfering in Niger crisis’ll further injure Nigerian economy’

By John Odunjo

The Campaign for Democracy has asked the President Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government to concentrate on the country’s internal problems rather than unnecessarily exposing Nigeria to external aggression.

The National President, Campaign for Democracy, Rev. Ifeanyi Odili, advised the Federal Government to desist from meddling in the internal affairs of other countries that did not concern Nigeria directly, saying the country had more than enough troubles at hand.

Recall that President Tinubu had sought Senate approval for the deployment of Nigerian armed forces to Niger Republic in his attempt as ECOWAS chairman to re-install the ousted president of Niger for the return of democratic rule in that country.

Odili said in a statement that though it was good for President Tinubu to play Big Brother’s role as ECOWAS chairman, CD strongly believed that interfering in the Niger matter would cause a lot of havoc to the Nigerian economy.

He said, “Till this moment, Nigeria cannot give a detailed number of the members of the armed forces that were killed by Boko Haram insurgency, banditry, IPOB, etc.

“We believe that at this stage of our national life, Nigeria should concentrate on her internal problems than to, unnecessarily, open our lives to external aggression.

“CD will not relent in defending the rights of the citizens of Nigeria against the misplaced policies such as the proposed interference in the affairs of the Nigeriens,” CD stated.

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