Seven prophetic declarations at Erio 2023 Power Explosion

* I decree with the covenant of my father’s that you escape all the manifestation of your battles in Jesus’ name.

* Who are those claiming negative authority over you, I decree they leave today in Jesus’ name.

* Every battle that you are carrying around, that makes you look like an animal, they are consumed by fire in Jesus’ name.

* Every negative judgment pronounced upon you and your children is eradicated today in the name of Jesus.

* Those who made themselves gods over you, God takes over from them today in Jesus’ name.

* Whatever you are suffering from, which brought you to this mountain, that looks like jail, you shall escape from such prison today in Jesus’ name.

* I declare, whatever has been destroyed in your life is restored today in Jesus’ name.

Amen. Halleluyah.

They are prophetic: From the Christ Apostolic Church General Evangelist (Worldwide), Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji, during the 21st edition of the yearly weeklong Apostle Ayo Babalola Power Explosion, Erio 2023 of CAC Canaanland in conjunction with Mountain of Mercy, Erio Ekiti with the theme, “How sweet the name of Jesus”.

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